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Washing instructions

Washing a blanket or quilt is not a process that should be carried out frequently. In general, airing them, avoiding the accumulation of dust and always keeping them dry will be enough as far as care and cleaning are concerned. However, for different reasons the blanket will sometimes need to be washed. For when this occurs, this section offers tips and recommendations.

Whasing by hand:

If the blankets are large-size, washing by hand is recommended. Place the blanket in a large container (a bath or sink) with warm water and soap or detergent for delicate clothes. Gently move the blanket or quilt in the water and leave it to soak.

You can repeat the operation several times and then rinse with abundant clean water. Leave it to drain in the sink. Never wring the blanket. Finally, dry it as instructed below.

Machine wash:

If the size of the blanket allows, machine wash with cold or warm water using a programme for delicate clothes and a detergent that is appropriate for this type of clothing.

Take special care with spinning. Make sure that it is a gentle spin to dry the blanket or quilt only slightly.

Never use a drying programme or tumble-drier to dry the blanket.

Dry cleaning:

This a convenient option and perfectly valid for cleaning our blankets. Cleaning professionals should use Perchloroethylene and mineral solvents. They should also use a gentle cleaning programme and never dry the blanket or quilt in a tumble-drier.


Once drained, spread the blanket out on a clean surface. It can also be hung on a traditional clothes line.

Avoid exposure to intense sunlight.

Once dry, shake the blanket gently to untangle the pile and give the blanket its initial feel.